Misfit Challenge


I did a challenge back in Oct 2011. This was a HUGE help in my transformation. You see prior to this challenge I did a round of P90X and made it to about day 60 then started slipping on my workouts and nutrition. When my coach put a challenge out for those who needed some […]

Darren’s Transformation

Darren's pic

  My name is Darren Alvarez, and before P90X, I had always been a bit on the heavy side.  It’s something I have struggled with my whole life.  This was somewhat of an issue since I am an active duty Marine and have been for 17 years.  I have tried many options, from crash and fad diets, to […]

John’s Transformation

Dr. John

I’m a 46 year old Surgeon who had neglected my health for far too many years.  Like most physicians, I was more concerned for everyone else’s health to the detriment of my own.  I had always been very athletic in the past, but my career and other aspects of my Life kept getting in the […]